Kristian Francuski
Your style is so fresh, love the blog. Keep it up x

Thank you :) I don’t post enough though.

you'd be so cute. if only you had nice skin

LOL well i do have nice skin now so i guess i am cute. tHanks babexxx

Hey Kristian. I apologise, i do rather stay anonymous. ill only tell you that i went to your school and i regret not being your friend. I judged you, something that i should have never done. I usually think about you, even till this day. i just want to let you know that you have an amazing personality and that people, like me love your uniqueness. you have beautiful heart, i promise. and never let anyone tell you otherwise. hopefully when you come back to sydney ill see you again.

Why thank you, who ever you are! It means a lot i guess. Come off anon though.

Your like the only person that follows me that i don't know.But i should.

<3 Awww

Y U SO HI FASHIN??!?!?!?

iDk im kewl. 

I h8 ppl on le train.